I've Tried Yoga Before...
Yoga is a practice for mind, body and spirit.

Combining breath work, physical postures and mindfulness - yoga is a fundamental practice to enhance your life!


 Hi there!

I have been sharing the practice of yoga for 5+ years based on Mersea Island, Colchester.

I am qualified in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Family & Kids Yoga, and believe yoga is a way of life, starting on the mat and inspiring us to shine brighter in life off of the mat.

In 2018 I travelled solo to India to continue my study of yoga, learning and living yoga from where it originated - one of the highlights of my life. 

My teaching is lighthearted and open, fusing a passion for the traditions of the practice,  a mindful nod to modern life and my influence and knowledge from training to provide functional, traditional, and progressive classes that are available to all. I strive to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment so that everyone from the experienced yogi, to the yoga newbie can feel supported in their yoga journey.


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Tuesday 7pm

Friday 9.30am

A combination of vinyasa flow (moving from pose to pose with the breath) and static held postures to create a balanced practice to leave you feeling strong, flexible and vibrant. 

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Monday 7am

Thursday 7pm

A creative, dynamic and intentional vinyasa flow practice. Combining progressive sequencing, inspiring postures, breath awareness and a lighthearted approach, to provide the ideal practice to tune out to tune in.

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Monday 7.30pm

Wednesday 7.30pm

Friday 7pm

Slow down and dive deep into the energy of Yin. Improve flexibility and mobility with yin postures held for 2-5minutes. A nourishing and meditative practice that feels like a warm hug - the ultimate wind down from a busy day.


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Per Class
Classes are £10 for a single drop in class 
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Per Month

For a month pass of 4: £36

For an unlimited month pass: £65

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FLOW Members 
ALL YOGA CLASSES are included in the FLOW ALL INCLUSIVE membership option. 
Using timetable below, select your preferred day to view, then simply click to book your spot. 
Frequently Asked Questions
+ Yoga Styles 
What Are The Different Yoga Styles?

There are quite a few different yoga styles, for now I will explain the different styles of yoga that are offered here at FLOW. 

VINYASA FLOW - A dynamic, flow yoga practice. Vinyasa uses the breath to mindfully move from one pose to the next, in a fluid sequence of movement and mindfulness. These classes are designed in a creative and functional manner, to provide a balanced sequence to enhance mobility, strength, balance and flexibility.

YIN YOGA - Yin is a slow, meditative, reflective yoga practice that targets the deeper layers of the body. Providing deep relaxation, improved mobility and body awareness.  All yin yoga postures are held for anywhere between 2-5minutes, this provides

BEGINNERS FLOW - A gentle, flow class combining static posture holds, and a steady paced  flow to create a practice that accessible to total beginners as well as experienced yogis looking to slow down and refine the key postures within the yoga practice. 

+ Beginners
I've never done Yoga before, can I join a class?
Absolutely! All classes are open to all levels of practice experience. I always suggest the Beginners Flow or Yin Yoga as the starting point, but even the Vinyasa Flow includes many options provided to ensure that everyone can enjoy their practice. 
+ Ability
Do I have to be flexible?

Absolutely not. There is a common misconception that to practice yoga we need to be super bendy and flexible, and even that it's more of a women's thing, or something for the younger generation. This is totally untrue. Yoga is for every body, every age, regardless of gender or flexibility. 

+ No Experience Necessary 
I'm nervous to try a class..

Although yoga is now more commonly known and practiced in the West, it still has this element of mystery, especially if you haven't attended a class before. I remember attending my very first class, I was so nervous, I didn't know anyone, I was concerned about doing it wrong, and was apprehensive of what it actually involved. So believe me, it is totally normal to feel a little nervous before trying something new.

Each yoga class will often follow the same format...

Introduction to the theme of the class


Yoga Flow / Yoga Postures


Part of my intention as a teacher is to help ease this feeling and to ensure that everyone feels welcome, comfortable and part of the community.